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Customers from South Korea Visited

2014-01-21 14:15:26

Since 2002, in the case of alumina production slowdown, the company developed the production of high-temperature ceramic alumina hollow ball of energy-saving and new materials production and sales account for more than 85% of the domestic market, this high-temperature energy and new materials become well-known products. Meanwhile, in collaboration with Professor Wang Jiabang Zhejiang University, research and development and production of alumina composite ceramic hollow spheres, as well as research and production of waste re-use of renewable alumina ceramic hollow ball high temperature energy-saving materials. 2005 in accordance with the domestic electronics burning plate production needs, our company has developed the production of stabilized zirconia ceramic hollow ball products. Currently Yu Li Industrial high temperature ceramic hollow spheres of energy-saving and new materials has become the largest and most complete manufacturer and domestic species and the largest suppliers in the market. 

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