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Stabilized Composite Zirconia (COZ)

  • Model:Stabilized Composite Zirconia (COZ)
  • ZrO2+HfO2:94 Min
  • Composite stabilizing agent:3.7-4.5
  • Fe2O3:0.1 Max
  • SiO2:0.4 Max
  • Al2O3:0.35 Max
  • Stabilized Composite Zirconia (COZ)
Stabilized zirconia can be used to make high class ZrO2 based refractory and ceramic products, such as submerged nozzle, sizing nozzle, sliding plates.


Technical principle :

Using high purity zirconium dioxide chemical as raw material and stabilized by some composite chemicals.

■Typical Chemical
Typical chemical analysis in WT.%
Model Stabilized Composite Zirconia (COZ)
ZrO2+HfO2 94 Min.
Composite stabilizing agent 3.7-4.5
Fe2O3 0.1 Max.
SiO2 0.4 Max.
Al2O3 0.35 Max.
Working temp. 2200 ℃
Refractoriness 2400 ℃
Stability 70-80


1. The regular size we produce are 40#,100#,200#,325-0#, other size are available according to your requirements.
2. We also produce other composite stabilized zirconia or cerium and magnesium stabilized zirconia.


Package: In 20KGS or 25KGS BAG+ BIG BAG or as your requirements.
Delivery time: 10-15 business from the receipt of payment.
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